Dr. Sian Jay

Dr. Jay is an Oxford educated anthropologist with a passionate interest in art, architecture and design history.
Formerly a researcher in the departments of Ethnography and Oriental Antiquities at the British Museum in London, and an Editor for the Macmillan Dictionary of Art, she is now based in Singapore.

Dr. Jay started working as Senior Editor for The Indonesian Heritage Series, and then worked freelance in a variety of art and cultural related capacities including writing art reviews for The Straits Times and other publications. She has taught at LASALLE College of the Arts since 2000 running Diploma and BA courses on the History of Art, Design and Architecture, as well as teaching classes on the history and anthropology of the theatre.She also teaches at NTU on a programme dealing in the creative and cultural industries of Singapore. At the same time she has been involved in several cultural book projects for Indonesian Institutions.

Dr Jay continues her writing and publishing interests. She previously collaborated with the Singapore Institute of Architects to research and to write a book on the History of the Architectural Profession in Singapore. She is the Senior Editor for BAB, an Indonesian publishing company that produces books on the art, culture, and archaeology of Indonesia. Her most recent collaborations have been with key Indonesian collectors of traditional textiles of Lampung and the Batak people in Sumatra, exploring the history, anthropology and iconography of some of the few remaining examples of cultures that are gradually losing their heritage.

A keen traveller and researcher, Dr Jay travels frequently back to Europe to study art and architecture, and takes off to discover new places in Asia and Africa when time can be found in her busy working life.